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Play BYU basketball bingo during the BYU v. Pacific game!

Only it's "COSMO" just because I can.

Chris Nicoll-USA TODAY Sports

After noticing enough trends in BYU basketball to make a drinking game, I figured, "Why not create a bingo card for BYU basketball games?"

With the help of fellow VTF writers and a randomized bingo card generator, I present the first--and possibly last--VTF BYU basketball bingo card!

The free space is Tyler Haws making a free throw because that's a gimme any day of the week. If When Kyle Collinsworth makes a triple-double, you get to mark any space of your choice!

Check in at the half and at the end of the BYU at Pacific game to see our progress, and leave any comments below. What spaces should we use on our next bingo card? 

UPDATE 2.0 (at the half):

Okay okay, I'll accept the missed/blown call arguments. Here's my official card at the half:

WE'RE SO CLOSE. Brandon Davies mention? Jimmer range 3? Corbin Kaufusi dunk? I want them all!

Is yours the same? Leave a comment below or tweet me!

UPDATE (11:03 P.M. MST): Thanks to Kyle Collinsworth's triple-double, WE HAVE BINGO.

Keep playing if you wish and let me know which squares you got in the comments!