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New Year's Resolutions: What does 2015 have in store for BYU fans?

While everyone was busy ringing in the new year, we asked Cougar fans to share their hopes, fears and resolutions for 2015.

Joe Camporeale-USA TODAY Sports

It's a new year. For most Americans, that means looking forward into the future with an unbridled sense of optimism and making grand promises to oneself that you may not be able to keep.

As BYU fans, we tend to do those unbridled optimism and unrealistic promises things pretty much all year round. But who are we to scoff at tradition? Why shouldn't we take a special moment to talk about what tomorrow may bring for our beloved Cougars?

In that spirit, I asked BYU fans to share their hopes, fears and resolutions for 2015 via Twitter — and they responded. Here are some of my favorites.

Some Cougar fans shared their earnest hopes and fears for their teams' on-field performance.

More specifically, many discussed their anxiety regarding the basketball team's postseason prospects.

Some fans felt motivated to try new things (even if they might be impossible).

And others saw the New Year as another opportunity for some good old-fashioned sarcasm.
One fan is kicking off his 2015 with some pretty sky-high expectations.

While others are just hoping to keep their own expectations in check.

And after 2014 gave us a hefty helping of sports disappointment, several BYU fans are looking for ways to minimize their investment (and their pain).

But most of all, many are just looking to chill out, enjoy the ride and relish any Cougar success that comes our way.

Whatever your hopes, fears or resolutions may be for this year, we wish you and our Cougars the very best in 2015. Share your own in the comments below!