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Zone Leaders Podcast #16: WELCOME BACK

It's been a long time since the last report, but the Zone Leaders are back in action, ready to preach to the brothers and sisters of the football and basketball faith.

Russ Isabella-USA TODAY Sports

After a long hiatus, the Zone Leaders podcast is back in action. Since Zach Bloxham has been exalted to his rightful position as an AP, Steve Pierce has been called as a Zone Leader and is ready to bring his hot sports takes to the airwaves. On this episode of the podcast, Steve and Jake talk about BYU's victory over ECU, the "tape job" on Tanner Mangum's hamstring and why the new BYU basketball road jersey is risky. Come for Steve's comparison for Beau Hoge and stay for Jake's Minnesota accent.

Follow Steve and Jake on Twitter at their respective accounts, @PostJimmer and @BYUAllBlue. To check out more episodes of the podcast, subscribe to the podcast on iTunes or visit them over on Podbean.

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