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BYU Football Week 5 POWER RANKINGS: UConn still hates Jimmer

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WE DIDN'T SCORE ANY POINTS LAST WEEK BUT WE DID THIS WEEK AND THAT IS FUN! We should have scored a lot more but whatever we won and a lot of good things happened.

Russ Isabella-USA TODAY Sports

If you spoke with certain BYU fans after Friday night's game you would have assumed that we lost.

We didn't. We won. By 17 points. That's usually a good thing, right?

Considering the fact that BYU didn't score any points last week, this was a huge improvement. Yes they were playing a lowly UConn team but progress is progress. Now let's get to the power rankings.


10) Francis Bernard

Not only is the freshman the second coming of Manase Tonga but DID YOU KNOW that Francis Bernard was once the governor of New Jersey? IF YOU DON'T BELIEVE ME JUST ASK THE ALL KNOWING SOURCE OF WIKIPEDIA. (We should probably point out that Wikipedia said that he died back 1779 but UConn's defense knows he's still going strong.)


The following nicknames will now be appropriate for the new running back.

  • Sir Francis
  • The Goon of the Garden State
  • 1st Baronet of Brigham
  • Franny Bern (a la Fetty Wap, you know that guy who sings like drunk walrus)

9) Mitch Matthews

It's pains me to put Mitch on this list because I have a love / hate relationship with Mr Matthews. Just looking at the box score you could say that he had a nice game (eight catches, 78 yards, two touchdowns) but it's the small things that he didn't do that stick in my mind. I could go into great detail here but I'll choose to focus on the positives for the time being. In every game we see Good Mitch and Bad Mitch. The first touchdown catch that we saw was Good Mitch. He went up for the ball, fully extended to get the touchdown. Now if we could only see this more often.

8) Sae Tautu

I'm going to forget that Sea got burnt like a marshmallow that's being held over a flame by a four-year-old on that wheel route UConn ran to perfection for a touchdown. That was not his finest hour. Other than that the linebacker had a HUGE game, notching six solo tackles, three of which were for a loss. The junior linebacker is developing into a nice play maker on defense.

7) Algie Brown

If you run for 95 punishing yards on a banged up knee, you're going to make this list. With BYU's running back situation looking bleak, Algie showed up in a big way. I will never not love Algie Brown. Unless he decided to say that Chicago style pizza is better than New York pizza because that would be blasphemous. If you want a crusted lasagna shaped like a swimming pool of marinara sauce, by all means go to Chicago and eat that stuff. But please don't ever thing about comparing that to the blessing that is NYC style pizza. In conclusion, Algie Brown had a nice game.

6) Terren Houk

A lot of the early season hype went to BYU's other towering wide receivers but Houk has been just as productive. On Friday he caught a couple of tough passes and fought hard for extra yardage.

5) Kai Nacua

At first glance Kai didn't have a huge game but he did a lot of little things right that I absolutely loved. The perfectly timed blitz that forced an interception was the big highlight. Kai was flying back there with a full head of steam and Sherrifs clearly panicked. That was a huge momentum swing for the Cougars and ensuring it wasn't going to be a close game.

4) Micah Hannemann

I've seen a lot of hate on Micah, for his play in the secondary and his punt returning. Apparently these people would rather that he 1) always fair catch the ball or 2) let the ball bounce. I'm fine with the way he approaches punt returning because it always gives him an opportunity to return the ball for additional yards. It also ensures that BYU doesn't get pinned inside the five yard line. HOWEVER, if he muffs one of those punts then he will never make it on this list ever again.

3) Tanner Mangum

Tanner did a few things you would expect a freshman to do. He muffed a hand off, telegraphed a 4th down pass and got greedy with a pass to the end zone that was picked off. But even with those mistakes, he learned from every single one of them and showed his progress later in the game. Immediately after throwing the second interception, he hustled down the sideline and forced the UConn defender out of bounds, and the defense help the Huskies to a field goal. We also saw him work through his progressions and start checking down as the game went on, instead of going to his first read or the deep pass.

We're still going to see Tanner struggle with certain aspects of the game but we should love how quickly he learns from his mistakes and bounces back.

2) Bronson Kaufusi

Yeah sure he had a nice interception but he only returned it like seven yards. Big freaking deal. (Hint: that was sarcasm and in case you didn't watch Bronson had a HUGE game. He has really stepped up his game this season.)

1) Mitch Juergens

I have no problem saying that Juergens is BYU's best wide receiver because he does everything. He doesn't shy away from contact and try to get extra yards by dancing around people. Even when he's banged up he fights hard and gets back in the game. He'll never be a flashy wide receiver with big time stats or highlight grabs (except that one against Boise). He plays hard and that exactly what BYU needs at the WR position.


For the 3rd consecutive game the BYU defense help the opposing quarterback to under 200 yards passing. Granted the opposing quarterbacks that the Cougars have been facing haven't been world beaters by any means but it's still progress nonetheless. It should also be noted that UConn Bryant Sherrifs didn't complete a pass until well unto the second quarter. Before completing his pass, Sherrifs dropped back eight times, was sacked three times and errant on his throws on the rest. The pass rush is starting to develop for the Cougars.


UConn fans have no real reason to hate BYU, right? Wrong.

The fact that they have to resort to basketball for trash talk tells you everything you need to know about their football team.


College Football: Where lightly tapping a quarterback will get you ejected and kicking a football into the crowd is bad (but only sometimes because field goals are cool). You never know what they're going to come up with next.

UP NEXT: East Carolina University

This Saturday BYU will face the mighty Pirates of East Carolina University. As a warning to BYU fans everywhere, if you see an ECU fan approaching your tailgate feel free to welcome them in but DO NOT under any circumstance let them play wiffle ball. You will get hurt and it will end badly.