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Catch the latest on Jamaal Williams from Nicolle Williams on Cougar Sports with Ben Criddle

Joe Camporeale-USA TODAY Sports

In Las Vegas for the Royal Purple Las Vegas Bowl, Ben Criddle and 960 ESPN Sports caught up with Nicolle Williams and talked updates on Jamaal Williams. The big news that came out of the interview was that Jamaal is in Utah in order to train and get ready for the upcoming season. She also provides her choice, and the top choice for Jamaal, when it comes to a new running back coach and their thoughts on the head coaching search.

From everything that was said, it definitely shows the desire and intentions for Jamaal to come back to the team as soon as possible. Nicolle also hits on topics such as Squally Canada and her red rental care fiasco. It was great to hear the love that the Williams family has for the Cougars and so it is well worth the eight minutes that she was on the show.