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BYU football to play in 2015 Las Vegas Bowl

Per ESPN, BYU is headed to Vegas

Ed Zurga/Getty Images

All of the signs have certainly been pointing this way over the last few days, and BYU's ticket office even had Vegas has the destination last night. But now, one of the most respected reporters in college football all but made it official. BYU's bowl destination this season will be the Las Vegas Bowl, where they will face a Pac-12 opponent.

For the first time as an independent, BYU had multiple options for their bowl destination, but thanks to their 9-3 record, and the situation in college football at large, the Cougars were selected for Vegas instead of the Hawaii Bowl, where they would have faced an AAC opponent.

UPDATE: BYU makes it official:

BYU's opponent has not yet been announced, but it is likely they will face either Washington State or USC, with a Holy War matchup with Utah also a more distant possibility.