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BYU hires Cougar legend Ty Detmer as offensive coordinator

A Cougar Legend comes home.

Chris Graythen/Getty Images

As first reported by Ben Criddle of ESPN 960 Sports, Ty Detmer will be coming home to BYU as the new offensive coordinator for BYU.

Shortly after this it was also reported by KSL and their sources as well:

Today  it appears was confirmed by Rick Cantu of the Austin American-Statsemen:

Detmer told Cantu "this is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity" and that, at 48, he wouldn't make the move to BYU as a position coach and wanted to be offensive coordinator. He aspires to be a college head coach, according to his conversation with Cantu.

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The Ty Detmer hire has long been awaited by Cougar Nation and really doesn't come as a surprise to those familiar with his history. Not only does he come from a long line of great coaches in Texas, but he seemed to always be preparing for his own career in coaching.

Although he spent 14 years in the NFL, he was mostly a back-up that took on a coaching role on each of the teams he played with. It has long been said that he helped coach Brett Favre on defenses while on the same team. For the last few years he has been a head coach in Texas for a high school team. For more information, you can see video of Detmer that includes video of Brett Favre talking about how he learned from Detmer.

This hire can only help with recruiting as the Cougars can now put a Heisman trophy winner into living rooms of kids and show them what can be done at BYU, while also giving the Cougars an extra hand with ties to Texas. The future is bright for the Cougars and former Cougars on the coaching staff will continue to help build the program from Lavell, to Bronco, to Kalani.

Keep tuned in for further coaching news on our BYU coach StoryStream as Sitake continues to fill out his staff in the coming days and weeks.