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BYU Rugby dominates home opener over SLCC

It was a great season opener for BYU Rugby as they crushed the SLCC Bruins 58-10. Many fans and family filled in the seats at South Field Saturday to cheer on the return of BYU Rugby to Provo.

BYU won their home opener on Saturday
BYU won their home opener on Saturday
Kevin Kennedy

It was a beautiful spring day this past Saturday at South Field when BYU Rugby took the field against the SLCC Bruins. The stands were full thanks to fan appreciation day and free admittance for everyone. The Cougars put on a great show for everyone who was there and made a strong statement against the Bruins.

The game started out a little bit slow as both teams were feeling each other out. The Cougars forwards dominated most of the game with sheer force and were able to control the tempo. The backline also proved strong against the Bruins with crafty passes and great protection, and limiting turnovers.

The Bruins fought hard in the first half and made the Cougars work for every inch. They had strong backs who were able to play the Cougars one on one, but would often fall for most of the draw plays and cuts the Cougars were able to do. The Bruins did create a couple turnovers in the first half and kept things in reach during the first half, thanks to their backs.

The Bruins were able to contain the Cougars in the first half by only letting them score 29 points and not allowing them to convert any extra point attempts. After allowing the Bruins to score a try, the Cougars were able to close out the half on a high note by scoring before the next dead ball. They closed out the half 29-5.

The Cougars excelled in the second half and only allowed the Bruins to score once more in the entire game as they put the petal to the metal. Nicholls led the way for the Cougars scoring twice in the second half as they went on to win the game 58-10.

Although the score looks lopsided, the Bruins fought incredibly hard throughout the game. "The score doesn’t tell the story of the whole game. The Bruins played hard all 80 minutes," coming from BYU rugby assistant coach Steve St. Pierre. "We’ve been putting in the work every day at practice. Our boys made the big plays when it mattered most."

BYU has been thrashing their opponents as of late, scoring 50+ points in their past six of seven games. They are making great strides in the season to repeat as national champions again. This was a great game for the Cougars to get their backups and other players ready for tougher opponents down the road.

If you want to experience the fun of BYU Rugby you can come watch them Saturday night at South Field. They will be playing the Gaels from St. Mary's. Last year the Gaels and Cougars split two games with each other as they were ranked #1 and #2 respectfully in the nation. Last week BYU beat the Gaels 32-28.

Come out and support your Cougars and watch them chase another championship. It's a great family event that's affordable and fun!