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Rate That Uniform: Nebraska Cornhuskers football

As we build toward the 2015 football season, VTF is spending time considering the uniforms of BYU's 2015 opponents in the Rate That Uni series. Today: Nebraska.

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My sports fanhood includes an unhealthy obsession with uniforms. Ever since EA's NCAA video game franchise (RIP) began including the ability to customize player accessories (visor, wristbands, etc) and then added a full create-a-school mode, I've been focused on uniforms ever since.

One thing college football provides over the NFL's over-regulated uniform rules is a vast variety of uniforms. (I mean, NFL players get fined for not showing enough of the whites on the bottom of the league-issued two-tone socks, for crying out loud.) Individual schools have both their own identity and differing contracts with apparel companies, which (for better or worse) gives us more to critique every week.

Here at Vanquish The Foe, we will rate the uniform sets of each team appearing on BYU's 2015 schedule based on our own biases. Then you vote on the poll below the post and tell us if we got it right or wrong.

So first, we consider the threads of the Nebraska Cornhuskers, BYU's first opponent, with staff writer Jake Welch.


nebraska helmet

Home: Red and white

nebraska home uniforms usa today

Road: White on white

nebraska road unis usa today

2014 Alternates

nebraska 2014 alternate unis usa today

Nebraska Cornhuskers
















Nebraska's uniform sets are some of the most classic, awesome threads available in college football. Everything is worthy of a full A grade except for a couple elements. The double-stripe look is super classic, which I like, but I knock the helmet down to an A- because it has a single stripe. It doesn't match the stripes on the rest of the set. The element keeping the jersey/pants combo from an A is the shoulder stripes, which is an Adidas thing. The way Adidas shoulder stripes look on the jerseys when stretched over pads looks incomplete.

But overall, an awesome, awesome set. Except for the alternates, which have absolutely no redeeming quality whatsoever.  Random silver reflective pieces, a nonsensical helmet, and general cartoonishness. Never do that again, Nebraska and Adidas. Please.


The old adage of "cleanliness is next to godliness" applies to all aspects of life, but most importantly it is gospel truth as it pertains to football uniform sets. And to quote the American warrior poet Andre 3000, the Nebraska football helmet is "so fresh so clean." Red face mask, white helmet, singular red stipe down the middle and the classic N that doesn't require any fancy drop shadow. Just a classic look that even Adidas can't screw up. (Don't worry, they'll work their craptastic magic on the uniforms themselves.)

Regardless of your feelings of the color red and Bo Pelini, this uniform is a recognizable classic. The standard home red jersey with the bold white shoulder stripes is a great look, which is probably why they haven't changed too much over the years. If BYU sports their traditional white tops and blue bottoms (which they should always do because the offense averages under 15 PPG when they play a P5 team on the road in the all-white look), it will be a beautiful looking football game. I'm not a huge fan of Nebraska going all white when they hit the road. There is very little that is wrong with their white road look (basically the complete inverse of the home jersey), I just don't jive with the white on white look for the Cornhuskers -- mostly because that's more of a Wisconsin look, and since Adidas makes both of their uniforms, they tend to look alike as it is.

As for the alternates: What in the name of Tom Osborne did Nebraska ever do to you, Adidas? Did they take your ex-girlfriend to the prom? Did they score higher than you on the LSAT forcing you to go with your safety school (which as actually Nebraska)? Did they show up to the ten-year reunion with a full head of hair and trim waistline? WHY WOULD YOU EVER MAKE SUCH A TERRIBLE UNIFORM? The two-tone red matte helmet is a terrible knockoff of this Navy crown jewel. The giant N's on the pants are confusing because lettering doesn't ever go on pants. The silver jersey accents looks like someone took the terrible "WELL MAYBE THIS TERRIBLE NUMBER SHADOW CAN BE THE....WAIT FOR IT...SILVER LINING...TO THE NEBRASKA FOOTBALL SEASON" idea and ran with it. I really hope these were burned.

Cast your vote in the poll below!

When the series is over, we'll tally up the votes cast for each school and list a ranking of your vote!

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