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BYU Football tailgating steals the spotlight.

Tailgating fans let BYU know what they thought of the "New" tailgating rules at BYU.

Amaris plays BYU Toss at a BYU Tailgate
Amaris plays BYU Toss at a BYU Tailgate
Kevin Kennedy

Remember the "Spirit, Honor, Tradition" twitter outrage? Well, the Cougars found a way to bring on the wrath of the twitter universe once again. The day started with excitement, anticipation, and football fever as BYU Football season ticket packets began to show up on doorsteps. It was almost as good as the first day of fall ball as you could smell football in the air when the envelopes were ripped open.

The cover of the packet was beautiful as it showed Taysom Hill and company in uniform and a Y car magnet was even included, similar to the flag last year. As season ticket holders flipped through the glossy pages, the information and images were examined more than if it was in a forensics lab. Suddenly the punch to the gut hit when people turned to the fourth page.

In a half page section labeled "Tailgating (Lot 20 Policies)" the hammer fell and twitter went nuts. Based on the information in the guide the tailgating experience had been reduced to four hours before kick-off, three hours after the game, and no RV parking. BOOM! The gauntlet was down and twitter was up to the challenge.

Within minutes the tailgaters were letting their voices be heard and the Mayor of BYU tailgating himself chimed in:

Those that have experienced the tailgates at Lot 20 (North of the BYU Broadcasting Building) know how incredible the experience is, and how much it enhances the game day experience. There are friends and strangers mingling while eating food, playing with kids, watching football, and having fun. You can't beat the Big Uncle Pooh Brisket lunch/dinner or the Brats after the game. The kids are throwing the football, playing Cougar bean bag toss, and everyone is chatting as if lifelong friends. And don't forget the Otter Pops provided for the kids and the visits from Tom Holmoe himself.

If you haven't experienced it, you must take the chance to enjoy it. You won't regret it. Although still not perfect, the tailgates were gaining steam and drawing in friends and foes alike. Even Utah and Utah State fans joined in the festivities and fit right in. Last year Holmoe and others fought hard to find common ground and provide a decent compromise for the tailgaters. Now it appeared that the work had been forgotten and undone.

Twitter was in an uproar and the tag #LetThePeopleTailgate was trending nationally. BYU quickly decided to respond:

and shortly afterwards Tom decided to show he was paying attention:

So it appears that an old and no longer correct insert was used when creating the packet, thus causing the confusion. Although the blood pressure of BYU fans everywhere rose to incalculable levels, as I am sure Holmoes' did as well, it turned out to be a simple mistake that was quickly rectified. The rules are the same as last year, and if you have seen them you can click here. Holmoe was also quick to point out the great support he has for the tailgaters at BYU:

So after another scare on par with Spirit, Honor, Tradition the fans on twitter can rest easy and dream about tailgating in September. Now if we can just get #LetThePeopleDrinkCaffeine trending, making yet one more change at BYU, the season can begin in style.