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BYU Football: Rickey Shumway may have the catch of the year for the Cougars

Doug Pensinger/Getty Images

Thank heaven for social media!!! While most of local twitter is debating Utah vs BYU, how much longer Bronco has/should have as the Head Coach for BYU, or why Chris Hill hates the media, Koy Detmer is using it to enrich the lives of all fans of the BYU Cougars. Detmer managed to get film on what may be the best catch of the year for BYU as Rickey Shumway took it to the defense. In the first clip you get the view of Shumway coming at you. It almost appears that he had no time to even look at the ball that came from Tanner Mangum...and Detmer agrees based on his hashtag.

The second view looks even more impressive as you are looking from behind the line and can see the play develop, the head turn, and the arms reach out and snag the ball. Nice pass, even better catch. Impressive? Take a look for yourself!

With any luck these little tidbits will continue to leak out of practices and fans everywhere can watch in awe as players step up and make our jaws drop.