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BYU Football fall camp day 1 depth chart

How did the BYU Football team's 2-deep look on the first day of fall camp?

Ronald Martinez/Getty Images

Fall Camp has begun and this is how the Cougars 2-deep looked at the start of camp, as first posted by Mitch Harper of 1320 KFAN.


Position 1 2
QB Taysom Hill Tanner Mangum
RB Nate Carter

Adam Hine

FB Algernon Brown Taloa'i Ho-Ching
HB Mitchell Juergens Trey Dye
WR Nick Kurtz Josh Weeks
WR Devon Blackmon Kurt Henderson
IR Terenn Houk Moroni Laulu-Pututau
TE Steven Richards Tanner Balderee
LT Ryker Mathews Brad Wilcox
LG Kyle Johnson Demetrius Davis
C Tejan Koroma Parker Dawe
RG Ului Lapuaho Manu Mulitalo
RT Austin Hoyt J.J. Nwigwe


Position 1 2
LE Bronson Kaufusi Remington Peck
DT Travis Tuiloma Kesni Tausinga
RE Logan Taele Remington Peck
SLB Sae Tautu Lene Lesatele
MLB Austin Heder Jherremya Leuta-Douyere
BLB Harvey Langi Manoa Pikula
WLB Fred Warner Rhett Sandlin
FCB Michael Davis Michael Shelton
BCB Jordan Preator Dayan Lake


Position 1 2
K Trevor Samson Austin Brasher
P Jonny Linehan Rhett Almond
LS Matt Foley - -
PR Mitchell Juergens Trey Dye

Of course, through Fall Camp fans should expect changes to to made to this depth chart. You made have also noticed the absence of Mitch Mathews in the 2-deep. Mathews did not practice at the start of camp, but is expected for the season opener at Nebraska on September 5th. Also, if you've been under a rock, you may not know that Jamaal Williams will not be on the BYU roster for the 2015 season. Looking at the 2-deep was a sad reminder of that fact. Onward and upward!