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CougarCast: BYU vs. UCLA preview show

A huge matchup for the Cougars this weekend in Pasadena. Listen to CougarCast to ready yourself for the clash!

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Tosh and Keith, just like everybody else, are absolutely jacked on BYU Football right now. Next up, THE test of the 2015 season on a road trip to the UCLA Bruins. In a clash of talented freshman quarterbacks, can Tanner Mangum lead the Cougars to their third upset of the early season?

In this episode of CougarCast:

  • Tanner Mangum's first start (2:15)
  • Bronson Kaufusi is a bad, bad man. Bronco Mendenhall was a defensive genius against Boise State. Plus, get to know the "Monster Formation." (7:10)
  • The powerful UCLA Offensive Line (10:30)
  • True Freshman UCLA QB Josh Rosen (12:54)
  • UCLA's trio of running backs that average over 6 yards per carry. Freshmen Bolu Olorunfunmi and Soso Jamabo. Plus, featured back and overall beast Junior Paul Perkins, who is also a problem in the passing game. (13:30)
  • UCLA's defense is led by LB Myles Jack (15:30)
  • BYU rightly stuck with the run, even though it was tough going (17:15)
  • BYU has only shown they can move the ball with big plays under Tanner Mangum. (19:45)
  • Keith's worst case scenario and reason to be worried (24:20)
  • Tosh's best case scenario and reason to be optimistic (25:42)
  • Cheering for Dirty Cougs and Thug Mormons and why it is like cheering for Ric Flair (27:50)
  • Ten for Tosh (34:27)
  • Bronco's Fireside Talk Title (41:19)
  • Week 3 of Ty Detmer's Heisman Trophy Season (42:40)
  • Reason to Hate the UCLA Bruins (44:07)
  • Game and Score predictions (46:20)

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About The Show

2002 Daily Herald Utah County Name of the Year Award Winner Tosh Mackintosh and Keith Shirts are two friends who bond over BYU Sports.  Obsessed, passionate, and opinionated, they chop it up over BYU Hoops and Football.

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