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WATCH: Dreamin' by James the Mormon provides modern tribute to BYU Football

If you haven't seen the rap video Dreamin' by James Curran, you have missed out!

What do Ty Detmer, Rob Morris, and Jimmer Freddette have in common? Besides being star players for BYU athletics, they also had some sort of marketing thrown into the national media. With Detmer it was in chase of the Heisman Trophy. Remember the whistle that was given out for the "Freight Train" Rob Morris? With the Jimmer it was just complete news coverage across the nation and "Jimmermania". Well, the current BYU Cougars football team gets to take place in this marketing after two miracle finishes to start the season. Just days ago the BYU Football Video YouTube page published a rap song written as a tribute to the current football team and specifically Tanner Mangum.

The rap was written and performed by a local musician named James Curran, who you may know as James the Mormon, and features Yahosh Bonner. Although not the first song written for a BYU fooball player, (think Tysman Rap from Johnny Biscut), this might be the most well done. Nobody really expected a decent rap song to be mentioned in the same sentence as BYU, but it happened and boy are we glad it did! Anytime you can listen to a song about BYU and Mangum where you hear references to Ron Burgundy, Aretha Franklin, Jim McMahon, and of course a tribute to Taysom Hill, is always a great day. Don't forget the almost three minutes worth of highlights!

And just for fun, here is your Tysman Rap for those that have never partaken of this gem that I think actually won him the coveted trophy.