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BYU Football Week 4 POWER RANKINGS: Hello darkness, my old friend

In the event that you decided to go off the grid for a few days, BYU and Michigan played a game of what looked like football. Michigan played very well. BYU did not. Let's briefly discuss.

Rick Osentoski-USA TODAY Sports

I don't need to fully recap how terrible Saturday went for the Cougars.

I'll just say that watching that game made Simon & Garfunkle's brooding track "The Sound of Silence" feel like an upbeat OneDirection song. The performance was sad and all I wanted to do was walk alone on narrow streets of cobblestone.

What I found most curious were the reactions on social media to the loss. It seemed as if there were two contrasting options that were being voiced, which happened to be the following...

"That was the most embarrassing loss in school history. The season is over. We should honestly be 0-4."

"You know what considering the injuries, we should be happy to be 2-2. At least we have two wins! Everything will be fine."

While I definitely understand the sentiment of each opinion, I don't think we need limit our understanding to the extreme declarations of "we're dead" and "everything is just fine". Somewhere in the middle there is a place where we appreciate the good things that have happened thus far while also giving constructive, non-hyperbolic criticism.

The fact remains that we have two wins, two losses and lot of injuries. Our schedule won't be as demanding the next few weeks but there will be some challenges. This is where we see the true colors of this football team.

Oh and if we want to talk about the most embarrassing loss in school history let's go back to 1990 in the Holiday Bowl against Texas A&M in a game that featured Heisman Trophy winner Ty Detmer.

And just for a little perspective, BYU followed this performance with an 0-3 start in 1991. I can't imagine the fire that BYU twitter would have brought had it existed back in the early 90's.


There are no honorable mentions this week because there was nothing honorable about that football game on Saturday. You will also notice that the list below is not a list of the players or performances, rather I complied the longest plays from scrimmage for the BYU offense. Half of them are less than ten yards.

10) Nate Carter run for 4 yds to the Mich 36

9) Tanner Mangum pass complete to Mitchell Juergens for 5 yds to the BYU 27

8) Tanner Mangum pass complete to Adam Hine for 5 yds to the BYU 13

7) Tanner Mangum pass complete to Nick Kurtz for 7 yds to the Mich 40

6) Francis Bernard run for 5 yds to the BYU 18

5) Tanner Mangum run for 9 yds to the Mich 43 for a 1ST down

4) Francis Bernard run for 13 yds to the Mich 33 for a 1ST down

3) Francis Bernard run for 11 yds to the BYU 42 for a 1ST down
2) Tanner Mangum pass complete to Devon Blackmon for 14 yds to the Mich 40 for a 1ST down
1) Adam Hine run for 29 yds to the BYU 42 for a 1ST down


BYU ran 50 plays on offense. This was a byproduct of 1) our offense not being able to do anything and 2) Michigan's long methodical drives that kept them in the driver seat. Either way, its strange to see an offense that was running 80+ plays of offense last year to what we saw on Saturday.


The whole game. It was sad and weird.


UConn had a chance to tie the game with a FG against Missouri. The decided to run a fake.

This is the result of that play. Friday night can't come soon enough.