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BYU Basketball Media Day: Kyle Collinsworth joins BYU Sportsnation

KC joined the BYU Sportsnation crew on media day

Kyle Terada-USA TODAY Sports

Kyle Collinsworth joined BYU Sportsnation crew to talk about his preparation and goals for his upcoming senior season.  The first thing that was mentioned was that this was his first real off-season in the program.  The other off-seasons with the program consisted of coming out of high school, then off a mission, then an injury.  He said that it has been good to focus on his game and his personal life, as he got married this off-season.

When asked about what he was working on, he mentioned his jumper.  But what I was impressed with was his mentioning of situational shooting.  He said he needed to work on some post moves, pull up jump shots, shooting three point jumpers (specifically when opposing defenses go under a screen).  He also mentioned the fact that so many of his teammates are capable three point shooters that he is still going to focus on getting them the ball in spots so they can do damage from the outside.  Kyle mentioned that he hopes that his efforts to improve show that he is a point guard at the next level.  He feels that he is a point guard but because of all that he does, many people don't think of him that way. He really wants to show that he is a true guard that has the size and skill set to do other things to help a team.

When asked about the team this years versus the team last year, the first thing he mentioned, much like the Coach Dave Rose interview, was size and depth of this team.  He did mention that the guards on the team this year are still good, but the main difference is that there are more big men and they are all capable of playing minutes.