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BYU vs Nebraska Open Thread

It is Game Day!!!

Taysom Hill avoids a Texas defender in 2014.
Taysom Hill avoids a Texas defender in 2014.
Brendan Maloney-USA TODAY Sports

After more than eight months the 2015 football season has finally arrived for the BYU Cougars. Today Taysom Hill makes his return to the gridiron and Coach Mendenhall will return to calling defensive plays full time. We all know that first games are tough to predict but optimism is high and many are drinking the blue kool-aid.

What are you most excited to watch? Is it seeing which running back will step up in the absence of Jamaal Williams? Are you looking to see if Mitch Mathews, Nick Kurtz, and company live up to the hype placed on the receivers? Or are you focusing on how the defense has improved, or not, in the off-season? All these questions will be on full display in a matter of minutes. Take a seat, turn on ABC and join us in the open thread and leave your comments throughout the game! Go Cougars!

Game Time: 1:30 pm MST