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Listen to Greg Wrubell's call on BYU's miracle Hail Mary to beat Nebraska


Eric Francis/Getty Images

BYU has one of the best in the business, Greg Wrubell, calling games, and just in case you missed BYU's miracle Hail Mary bomb to upset Nebraska, or in case your blood pressure is resetting to normal and you need an excuse to hike it back up again, we have the call that's going to get you all excited all over again.

BYU QB Tanner Mangum, in for the injured Taysom Hill and playing his first college football game, in the angry confines of Memorial Stadium at Nebraska no less, engineered an improbable drive with no timeouts, ending with his bomb to Mitch Mathews to give the Cougars a 33-28 win that will surely be remembered as one of the best, if at least the most exciting, in BYU history.

You can listen to the call right here. I have a feeling we're going to be hearing HE GOT IT HE GOT IT HE GOT IT again and again and again.