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BYU AD Tom Holmoe addresses Notre Dame future games, Big 12 and in-state basketball

As part of his semi-annual media address, Tom responded to the most pressing BYU questions of the day.

George Frey/Getty Images

Early Friday morning BYU athletic director Tom Holmoe spoke with the media as part of a semi-annual "state of BYU athletics" address.

While Tom didn't reveal any major breaking news, he did address a lot of topics that have been at the forefront of many BYU fans, from future schedules in multiple sports, to #branding updates.

UPDATE-We have added the audio of the interview so you can all here it from Tom himself!

As expected, there is no update on BYU possibly moving to the Big 12.

In regards to the cancellation of the BYU / Utah basketball game next season, Tom downplayed the topic, only stating that he hopes to schedule Utah in the future.

There have been many that have suggested an in-state basketball tournament but Tom said it would take a lot to make that happen.

That makes sense, given that juggling the logistics, financials and schedule balancing for multiple programs is not an easy task. There's a reason not many states have full-blown tournaments, even if they have lots of programs.

Tom also addressed BYU's previously scheduled games with Notre Dame and how he approaches future scheduling.

One fun internet rumor that has been pervasive on twitter and message boards is that BYU will be heading back to it's royal blue roots. Tom put the kibosh on that.

Tom addressed a few other odds and ends including fundraising, the new football staff and letting Bronco coach in the Las Vegas Bowl.