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BYU football’s locker room celebration after the Michigan State game is epic

BYU got a big win Saturday and the team wasted no time to celebrate.

BYU v Michigan State Photo by Leon Halip/Getty Images

The Cougars went up and got a massive win against Michigan State this past Saturday. The team traveled to the state at about the same time last year with around the same amount of travel miles in weeks prior but the outcome was not the same.

BYU fans have to appreciate what this team has accomplished thus far. A win against one of the best coaches in college football on the road in Mark Dantonio really puts them on the map and has to be a huge confidence boost for Sitake and his staff.

The mid-season Gatorade bath was only the beginning of BYU’s post-game celebration. The coaches and players wasted no time before dancing in the locker room.

Don’t worry, what you are about to witness is much cleaner than the current ‘locker room talk’ going around in the media these days.

Firs up, Ty Detmer (yes, that Ty Detmer) shows off some moves with the Macarena.

My guess is the players wanted Detmer to dance and he did what any smart white man should do and put on the Macarena. Well done, Ty.

Now this is when the locker room really got going. Jack Damuni, director of player personnel and Kalani Sitake stole the show as the team went absolutely bonkers around them.

This should bring chills and smiles to any BYU fan. There may be some haters who don’t understand a celebration like this mid-season but forget them. A BYU coach walked after over a decade and brought almost the entire staff with him. A rookie head coach takes over along with an incredibly inexperienced staff and then they go out and get a win at Michigan State.

Kalani and the boys deserve a moment like this.

Also, maybe repeatedly calling Sitake a “player’s coach” has gotten old for some but how can anyone watch this and not tell themselves that they’d love to play for the man?

Here’s to hoping the emotion stays high as BYU hosts Mississippi State this weekend before traveling to take on Boise State.