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Cougs on Cougs: What fell flat and what stood out in BYU Football’s win over Michigan State

Jess and Mary talk with two members of the BYU ROC board who travelled to East Lansing and try out a Jimmy Fallon-esque segment.

BYU v Michigan State
The Cougars celebrate their 31-14 win against the Michigan State Spartans.
Photo by Leon Halip/Getty Images

After week six, our Cougars are 3-3! It feels great, doesn’t it? We’re feeling very good about our .500 team. And this week we have a team from SEC country coming to town for the Homecoming game! That definitely doesn’t happen every week. But before we look ahead to the Mississippi State Bulldogs, let’s recap what happened in Big Ten country against Michigan State on Saturday.

For Coaching from the Couch, we invited Russell and Kati Pham to join us and give their takeaways from the Cougars’ victory in East Lansing. Russell and Kati are on the ROC board and actually met in the ROC! How cool is that? The Phams were in the stands at Spartan Stadium, so we talk to them about their experience in addition to what they felt went wrong and right during the game, including the slow start, balanced rushing attack, and the Taysom Hill takeover.

We try our hand at Jimmy Fallon’s Thank You Notes segment, writing some of our own sarcastic and in-good-fun notes to fans, players, and things that we appreciate. If you have suggestions of thank you notes you’d like to send (and we know you do), send them to us!

As always, we round up this week’s news from the BYU social mediasphere in our Talk of the Town segment, including an official visit for a Mangum, Ty Detmer doing the Macarena, and Taysom Hill sporting a Boney Fuller hoodie!

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