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Steve Young was bribed by an NFL ref to date the ref’s daughter at BYU.

Yes, you read that right.

3rd Annual NFL Honors Photo by Slaven Vlasic/Getty Images

BYU football legend, Steve Young has a new book coming out this month and already some great stories have emerged. The book is titled, “QB: My Life Behind the Spiral” and it is set to hit the shelves on October, 11th.

In his weekly Monday Morning Quarterback piece, Peter King says Steve Young’s new book is “pure gold” and shares an amazing story of when a ref tried to bribe Steve to date his daughter.

Here’s the excerpt according to Peter King:

This is absolutely fantastic, so many things to discuss here.

First of all, this ref is almost certainly Mormon, right? For those of you unfamiliar with the Mormon faith, like all religions, it values honesty and integrity. So that begs the question, did he repent for this or is it justified in that a measly flag is worth the opportunity to potentially set your daughter up with Steve Young?

Secondly, how in the world do we not know the outcome of this story!? We know he didn’t marry her but did Steve take her out on a date, and was it in fact Italian food? This has to be the first question that he gets asked next time he speaks to a reporter. If anyone reading this has access to Steve Young or knows the answer, tweet or email me ASAP. There’s no way I’m the only one wondering the outcome.

Thirdly, did the call impact the game? Sadly, Steve did not lead the team to victory after that call, they still lost 31-23.

Another story of note from the book is about Steve Young’s separation anxiety. Peter King recounts the story:

Whoa, can you imagine if Steve Young had quit the football team at BYU? I’d imagine that this story is known among people older than I but that’s fascinating. Good to see that he has seemed to overcome that though.

All in all, it looks like any BYU will have to buy and read Steve Young’s book. From those two stories alone, it appears to be unique compared to most athletes who have autobiographies in that it deals with shortcomings as well as successes.