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Dave Rose announces 2016-17 BYU Basketball captains

Seniors Kyle Davis and L.J. Rose along with sophomore Nick Emery will lead the team this upcoming season.

From left to right: Kyle Davis, L.J. Rose and Nick Emery.
Jaren Wilkey/BYU Photo, via

BYU Hoops Coach Dave Rose announced captains for the 2016-17 season Monday morning. He said in a release that the team has selected seniors Kyle Davis and L.J. Rose, along with sophomore Nick Emery to lead the squad.

While Davis (one of only two seniors on the team and the only senior returner), and Emery (one of few returners with a lot of playing experience) are pretty obvious choices, Rose comes as a little bit more of a surprise. Emphasis on ‘a little bit’, because he is the second of two seniors on the team, after all, and as a grad transfer, has plenty of experience playing college ball.

“I’m looking forward to the leadership our captains can provide to our team,” Rose said. “These three guys were selected by the players, and bring a lot of experience and passion.”

This is probably an appropriate time to point out that the makeup of this 2016-17 group is: two seniors, three juniors, four sophomores and six freshmen.

Leadership, at least the upperclassman type, is somewhat hard to come by, so we think choosing the two seniors as captains is a good call.

While Corbin Kaufusi, Jamal Aytes and Davin Guinn are technically a year ahead of Emery, we can see the logic behind that choice as well. As we mentioned earlier, Emery is the returner with the most playing experience of that bunch, and plays with a lot of passion and fire. Ask Brandon Taylor. LOL.

We’ve seen some good stuff out of Davis and Emery in the scrimmages and exhibition game. While Rose has been sidelined through all of that, we hope to see him back soon, and are anxious to see firsthand what he brings to the table, especially after this vote of confidence the team has expressed in him. And then there’s this, of course:

BYU Basketball has one remaining exhibition game against BYU Hawaii on Nov. 9 then will take on Princeton to open the season on Nov. 14.