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Taysom Hill suffers his 4th season-ending injury, won’t play in Poinsettia Bowl

NCAA Football: Utah State at Brigham Young Jeff Swinger-USA TODAY Sports

For the fourth time in his collegiate career, Taysom Hill’s season will be cut short due to injury.

This morning BYU confirmed that after an MRI on Hill’s left elbow he will not be able to play in the Cougar’s bowl game on December 21st. This will be the first time that an upper-body injury will end his season after suffering a ligament tear in his knee in 2012, a broken leg in 2014 and a Lisfranc injury in his foot in 2015.

On the second play of the fourth quarter, Taysom took the ball on a zone read and went airborne in an effort to reach the end zone. Upon landing he came down hard on his left arm, hyper-extending his elbow. Hill left the game, immediately going to the BYU locker room before returning to the field with his left arm in a sling.

Before the season started Taysom talked about how he wasn’t going to change the way he played because of his injury history. Throughout the seasons Hill ran like a bruising fullback, running through tackles and utilizing a devastating stiff-arm.

Taysom will finish his career at BYU as one of the best running quarterbacks in program history, with 2,815 of his 9,744 total yards on offense coming on the ground. His rushing total and 75 career touchdowns put him 5th all -time in each category.