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Cougs on Cougs: Our tribute to Taysom Hill and some BYU Basketball real talk

What will you miss most about Taysom Hill? Jess and Mary share their top three things... And examine what’s going on with BYU Hoops.

NCAA Football: Utah State at Brigham Young Jeff Swinger-USA TODAY Sports

It’s week 46 of Cougs on Cougs, and it was a rough one for Cougar sports fans everywhere. Yes, the football team beat Utah State and there was Thanksgiving (and pie), but that hardly outweighed the disheartening BYU Basketball losses to Valparaiso and Utah Valley University or the unfairness of Taysom Hill’s fourth season-ending injury. And most of all, we have all been affected by the terrible tragedy in the Mahe family. Cougar Nation could use a hug right now. Come on, bring it in.

Now let’s dive into this last week in BYU sports. First up in the episode embedded above, we bring you a Three Things segment, in which we discuss the three things we love and will miss most about Taysom Hill. His season is over, but his explosiveness, his “whatever it takes” attitude and his character on and off the field ensure a lasting legacy in the history books of BYU Football and in our hearts. Thanks for the memories, Taysom. We’d love to hear what three things you’ll miss—leave a comment below or tag us on Twitter!

Instead of Coaching from the Couch for BYU Basketball, we decided a The Doctor is in segment was warranted. This is an older segment some of you may recognize. We make our ‘diagnoses’ as to what is plaguing the BYU Basketball team right now and what led to their two losses. Then, we give our ‘prescriptions’ for what might cure the issues we see. What would you diagnose the team with? What would you prescribe? Ultimately, we’d prescribe a big dose of experience. Watch the episode for some other key words Coach Rose has used in relation to what ails our young Cougars.

We did put on our coaching caps for BYU Football to break down the 28-10 win over Utah State. This is the second week in a row for a sluggish first half, but ultimately Jamaal Williams and the defense each turned on the gears and helped the Cougars get to their fourth straight win and an 8-4 record. Pretty good for a first-time head coach and staff! Now we prep for the Poinsettia Bowl in San Diego on Dec. 21. With Taysom Hill out, the team will look to Tanner Mangum to lead the charge against the Mountain West conference foe. It’s Tanner time. And what other QB can say they’ve started in consecutive bowl games, with no starts in between?

As always, we round up this week’s news from the BYU social mediasphere in our Talk of the Town segment, including our favorite images from Senior Night and a frank discussion about Nick Emery’s latest haircut. Is there any other type of discussion about hair on Cougs on Cougs?

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