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Tom Holmoe: BYU was “VERY close” to getting into a P5 conference; SDSU series discussed

Tom Holmoe discussed various topics regarding BYU athletics on a San Diego radio show

BYU Announces Independence in Football 2011 Photo by George Frey/Getty Images

Tom Holmoe appeared this morning on San Diego’s 1090 AM radio station, discussing various topics regarding BYU athletics.

Holmoe was asked about BYU’s P5 goals, future scheduling, BYU’s national TV footprint, among other things.

In regards to playing San Diego State in football again, Holmoe said he “absolutely” envisions a future home-and-home with the Aztecs.

Holmoe tweeted earlier this month about his desire and willingness to play old MWC foes:

BYU plays 6 MWC teams during the 2017 season.

Also of note was Holmoe’s comments when asked about BYU’s ultimate goal of joining a P5 conference. Holmoe said BYU was “VERY close” to getting into a P5 conference. Holmoe never mentioned a conference by name, but it can be assumed that he was talking about this summer’s negotiations with the Big 12.

Holmoe made it clear that he is still holding out hope to one day join a P5 conference. When talking about what it would take to join a P5 league, he said, “We {BYU} really have to improve. I think we have a really strong national brand... We have to win bowl games. There are a few games this year we lost on the last play of the game.”

So if you thought BYU and P5 conference rumors were done, they’re not! Holmoe still thinks BYU can play itself into a Power Five league. After the Big 12 fiasco this summer and other ones prior, I’m not sure how excited BYU fans are about being pulled into the rumor mill once again.