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Former BYU Cougars in the Pros

Check out how some former cougs are doing in the pros

NBA: New Orleans Pelicans at Toronto Raptors Tom Szczerbowski-USA TODAY Sports

Whether it be the NFL or overseas, BYU has its fair share of former athletes playing professional sports. Jimmer is tearing it up in China, but he's not the only one playing well. Check out how he and other former BYU athletes are performing across the world.

Jimmer Fredette (Shanghai Sharks (18-2), Chinese Basketball League 1st Place): 31p (7-11, 5-10 3PA), 6r, 5a 1 steal in a 137-98 win. (Season avg: 39p, 9.3r, 5a) Next week: games on 25th, 28th, 30th

Jimmer Fredette 31 Points vs Zhejiang Golden Bulls | Full Highlights | December 21, 2016
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Tyler Haws (Anwil (7-5), Polish Basketball League 5th place): 26p (9-15, 1-3 3PA, 5-5FT), 5r, 1a in an 82-74 loss. Game’s leading scorer. (Season avg. 10.9p, 2.6r). Next week: game on Dec 28

Kyle Van Noy: 6 tackles and a forced fumble in a 16-3 win at Denver. Next week: vs. NY Jets (12/24)

Daniel Sorensen: 2 tackles in a 19-17 loss against Tennessee. Next week: vs. Denver Broncos (12/25)

Ziggy Ansah: 5 tackles, 1 sack in a 17-6 loss at New York Giants. Next week: @ Dallas Cowboys (12/26)

Dennis Pitta: 2 receptions for 16 yards in a 27-26 win against Philly. Next week: @ Pittsburgh Steelers (12/25)