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BYU Basketball Senior Farewell: Chase Fischer is much more than just a 3-point shooter

With Senior Night looming on Saturday, Vanquish The Foe is reflecting on the careers of the Cougars' three soon-to-be graduates. Next up: the ever-charming Chase Fischer.

Chris Nicoll-USA TODAY Sports

As someone who transferred from Wake Forest following his sophomore season, Chase Fischer hasn't been in Provo all that long — but that hasn't stopped the loquacious West Virginian from winning over the hearts of the Cougar faithful.

With his sweet shooting stroke, winning personality, thick Appalachian accent and even thicker biceps, Fischer has become a bit of a fan favorite among a certain portion of the BYU fan base. And let's be honest: there's plenty to love, both on and off the court.

But I'm not sure I can fully do justice to the beloved creature that is Mr. Fischer, so I asked for a little help from a couple of experts.

Mary Blanchard and Jess Tyler are all-around Twitter superstars and the masterminds of the excellent BYU-centric YouTube channel Cougars on Cougars — and they just so happen to be die-hard members of the Married People Who Admire Chase Fischer Club. (It's a thing. Ask Chase.)

I asked the ladies to help me bid farewell to their hero. They did not disappoint.

1. What is it about Chase Fischer that you "admire" the most? What drives your intense affection for the pride of Ripley, W.V.?

Mary: It's terribly hard to pick one thing. Aside from his eyes, accent, arms and luscious curly locks... I actually really love the way Chase is motivated. While the fact that he's a confident guy doesn't always work in our favor, there's nothing like when he catches fire. He's also very driven by competition, which has made him awesome to have around in high pressure situations. He thrives on it... The intense situations, hard fouls, and especially trash talk, even more than most athletes.

Jess: You have to admire a non-LDS, East Coast kid like Chase who makes the decision to come to BYU. It can't have been easy, but he's embraced it. That alone makes him a favorite of mine. But you also have to appreciate Chase's immediate impact on the program. He quickly established himself as a vocal leader and a 3-point ace. Chase bought in to what BYU was trying to do and has been fiercely committed to his role. From the time he finally suited up for the Cougars to now, he's been just as good as promised — €”and much more!

2. What is your favorite memory from Chase Fischer's time at BYU?

Mary: Chaminade is probably the easiest answer, and a good one. As formerly mentioned, there's nothing like it when he catches fire. Same goes for his performance against New Mexico. But I'm going to go with his two reverse layups from this season. I just think they were both a great display of how far his game as come. You didn't see him driving much, let alone making reverse layups, in his early BYU days. Now he owns it. He's not afraid to take it to the hoop. He's become a consistent, versatile player. I won't just remember him for his incendiary 3-point shooting.

Jess: Chase has this incredible resiliency, in that he can have a frustrating performance one night, but quickly put it behind him and completely dominate the next time out on the floor. That type of mental toughness is rare. For me, that makes his Chaminade game my favorite performance. After a hard double-overtime loss against No. 15 San Diego State in which he had a tough shooting night (still three treys and 11 points), Chase came out the next morning and put up 9 threes in the first HALF, ending the game with 10 triples — a new BYU record. It was an unforgettable performance!

3. What will you miss most about Chase Fischer once he graduates and moves on to the next phase of his life (like starting a gym or something)?

Mary: Kyle Collinsworth was asked this question after practice the other day and I loved his answer: energy and passion. Chase brings it. I don't think he's one of the vocal leaders on our team this year, I think he's the vocal leader. He'll get in your face if your face needs getting in. He's not afraid of anything or anyone... or of saying anything to anyone. He's committed to everything he does, whether it's meal prep or winning basketball games. I'll really miss his excitement and enthusiasm. Or as KC put it, his energy and enthusiasm. Oh. And second most i'll miss his accent. Here's hoping Eric Mika picked up an Italian one.

Jess: Besides the obvious things (like his West Virginia accent, strong arms, curly hair, 3-point stroke), I'll miss his positivity and dedication to the sport. Chase is a unique player in that he takes his position as a player and a team captain very seriously, but he doesn't take himself too seriously. He's a real team-first guy who knows how to motivate the players around him to do better — even if it's something as small as no longer bringing candy to practice. The guys listen to and respect Chase, and they'll miss his influence (and his chatter) when he's gone.

Indeed they will. And we will. Farewell, Captain Fischer.

Many thanks to Mary and Jess for helping us celebrate Chase's career. Be sure to tune into Cougars On Cougars to hear their weekly takes on BYU sports!