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BYU rugby vs SDSU: Cougars thrash Aztecs 71-0

Another game and another blow out win for the BYU rugby team

Kevin Kennedy

BYU rugby is winning their games this season by an average of over 50 points.  Thursday night was no different.  The Cougar ruggers were able to find the end zone early and often.  The Cougars dominated in all levels of the game throughout the entire game en route to a 71-0 home win over San Diego State on a cold night in Provo.

BYU really dominated SDSU in two key areas.  The first was the lineout.  BYU used the six foot eight inch frame of Matthew Jensen to control the lineouts where BYU possessed the ball, as well as the lineouts where SDSU had possession.  Jensen was moved around throughout the line, but seemed to always knock the SDSU lineouts away and control the BYU lineouts.  BYU is also very quick to attack out of their lineout sets and were able to take advantage of this style of play multiple times tonight.

The second level BYU really dominated was the play of the backs.  Specifically, the BYU backs were extremely aggressive in their defensive line.  Instead of waiting for the SDSU players to attack, BYU would rush the line and pressure the Aztecs.and force bad passes that lead to BYU possessions.

BYU's next game is Friday at 7:00 p.m. at South Field in Provo against Utah.