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BYU Rugby wins Wasatch Cup over Utah 49-12

BYU dominates Utah on Senior Night 49-12

Kevin Kennedy

The BYU Rugby team sent their senior players out with a bang with a huge 49-12 win over rival Utah to win the Wasatch Cup.  BYU played well in all phases and thoroughly dominated a couple of them against the younger Utah team.

BYU was very good defensively.  Utah had multiple times where they had big runs that got them deep into the BYU Zone but were only able to score a couple of times.  BYU's defense was stout against the Utah attack.  Utah was trying to punch up the middle on the forwards to pull in the defense so they could throw the ball wide to the backs.  BYU was able to attack the ball carriers and only gave up a couple long runs.

BYU was able to capitalize on the Utah mistakes and on their set pieces out of line outs and scrums to score on most opportunities.  BYU scored 7 tries.  Calvin Whitinas was perfect on conversions, while Kevin Schofield, Ryan Blaser, Luke Mocke, Anderson, and Ricky Tu'ihalangingie all scored tries at different times in the game for BYU.  The last try really epitomized the game for Utah when a Utah player dropped a pass and Calvin Whiting kicked the ball away and chased it down for a score.  Every time Utah had a miscue, BYU found a way to turn it to their advantage.

The Varsity Cup playoffs start next Saturday with BYU taking on Arizona State in Tempe, AZ.