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BYU Cougarettes win their 16th National Championship

Brigham Young University

Like most parents that have children who participate in dance competitions I have spent my fair share of weekends in high school gyms and auditoriums. Over the years I have seen a number of dances that peaked my interest. Not once have I seen dances quite like the ones that the BYU Cougarettes pulled out on their way to their 16th National Championship.

The Cougarettes won the 2016 National Championship in the Jazz category by sound technique, while taking second place in the Hip Hop category.  The Hip Hop routine was a fan favorite and based on those in the know it contained some of the most difficult Hip Hop tricks around, and they were done by everyone on the team and not just those few extra talented dancers. Once again the team showed me why my daughter spends hours practicing her routines in order to get it just right, and they also have provided her one more group of Cougars that she can look up to and strive to emulate.

Congrats to the BYU Cougarettes on their 16th National Championship and 2nd place showing in Hip Hop! You can see both choreographed routines below.

National Championship Jazz Routine:

2nd Place Hip Hop Routine: