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BYU Men's Soccer offering a great deal on season tickets

Soccer season has officially begun, act fast and you can get a great deal to see every home game this year.

The BYU Men's Soccer team is offering season tickets for just $10 during this promotion. This, my friends, is what we call a screamin' deal.

All of their home games will kick off at South Field at BYU. You can find the schedule here. The first home game is May 21st at 7PM vs. Burlingame.

Reasons to attend

First of all, soccer is awesome and the only reason why people say otherwise is because they don't understand the game. Therefore, the only way to agree with rational humans that soccer is awesome is to understand the game. The only way to understand the game is to watch it, understood?

Secondly, this is a fantastic date opportunity. Granted, I am a little biased given that my wife and I had our first date at a BYU soccer game. The date was to a women's soccer game but I am confident a men's one would have lead to the same outcome. Seriously guys, I know you're trying to find dates while you're trapped in Provo during the summer, this is a no-brainer.

Thirdly, soccer is a great family outing. Soccer is unique in that you know when the game is going to end. If the game is at 7, you know that you'll be home by the kids bedtime at 9. Also, soccer provides a perfect "cry zone" for kids. If they're getting rowdy, they can walk around, or go sit in the grass. In basketball or football, you can't do that, you're basically trapped.

All in all, you should take advantage of only having to spend $10 for season tickets. The men's team hopes to see you there!