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Twitter loses its mind over Oklahoma Chairman's comments on BYU's stadium size

Max Weitzenhoffer makes himself look silly, and social media let him know about it.

Russ Isabella-USA TODAY Sports

The Big 12 talk is not cooling off anytime soon. Yesterday, Dennis Dodd with CBS wrote an article about Max Weitzenhoffer, Oklahoma's Chairman of the board, and his strong disapproval of Big 12 expansion. First off, it should be noted that Weitzenhoffer just sounds like a person that is the chairman of a university, I feel like if you don't make millions with that last name, you're messing up.

Second, I am not sure how this is news, an old guy doesn't like change... shocker. Nonetheless, this does come as quite a surprise given that Oklahoma's school president, David Boren and the university themselves had been a strong proponent of expansion.

Mr. Weitzenhoffer especially turned heads when asked about the potential additions to the Big 12 when he said this:

"They have no seating capacities in their stadiums. They really don't build them up. They really don't have any TV. I really don't know what we have to gain by that."

Now, there have been some crazy hot takes floating around on why the Big 12 won't expand but this has not been one of them when referencing BYU.

Before we get to that, what does he mean by, "they really don't have any TV?" I mean, my understanding is that the four front runners, BYU, Cincinnati, UCONN and Colorado State all have electricity and I would assume that television is a popular commodity.

But I digress, what really has social media on fire is the stadium capacity comment. Twitter, what do you think about this shot at BYU's stadium size? How big relative to other Big 12 stadiums is it?

Even the voice of the Cougars himself helped to answer this question:

Alright, well, glad we got that settled. Perhaps Max here is just referring to the non-BYU schools and is actually an informed individual.

Welp, never mind.