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BYU football opens as an underdog against Utah and Boise State

There are several big games on the schedule this year for BYU, but a Vegas sports book has three highlighted.

Gene Sweeney Jr./Getty Images

South Point casino in Las Vegas has featured BYU in three contests for their "games of the week." Those games are at Utah, at Boise State and home to Utah State. Sure, it's just mid May, but no way can you convince me that it is too early to speculate about the odds for college football games this year.

You can find the full list of odds here.

In what will certainly disappoint BYU fans, the Cougars find themselves as a pretty significant underdog on the road against Utah. Last year's Las Vegas Bowl was a seven point margin in the Utes favor and Vegas seems to think that there will be a similar result come September.

To pour salt on the wound, South Point has Boise State as a whopping 11.5 point favorite at home to BYU. Neither of these lines should not come as total shocks, we learned a few months back that ESPN gave BYU just a 36% chance and 32% chance of beating Utah and Boise State respectively, via their FPI.

BYU does, however, open up as a slight favorite to beat Utah State (-1). So to recap from what we know so far, BYU is a favorite against Arizona and Utah State while being underdogs to Utah and Boise State.

The word to define BYU football right now is unknown. New coaching staff, new offensive and defensive schemes, and uncertainty of which players will play at key positions lead to questions of how good the Cougars will be. But hey, if you feel otherwise and think you can outsmart Vegas... go for it.