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Cougars on Cougars: watch and learn about BYU Basketball's Payton Dastrup and BYU Football's Reno Mahe

Jess and Mary get to know BYU Basketball's Payton Dastrup ahead of his mission homecoming and spotlight new BYU Football RB coach Reno Mahe.

Elder Dastrup represents the Y on his mission in Panama.
Credit: David Dastrup

It’s week 19 of Cougars on Cougars, and football and basketball off-seasons are in full swing. But fear not! We are here for your entertainment and enlightenment.

In this episode, we introduce a brand new segment, Cougs and Coaches, where we dig deep into the lives of the new BYU football coaches and uncover some hidden gems about their pasts and personalities.

First up: Running Back’s coach Reno Mahe. Did you know that he worked at a local sports bar in Philadelphia while playing for the Eagles, or that he ran for Lehi City Council last year?

We also interview David Dastrup, owner of Systemic Sports and father of 4* recruit and incoming BYU Basketball freshman Payton Dastrup. What went into Payton’s decision to flip from Ohio State to BYU? Where does David anticipate Payton will best fit in among the other big men on the team this season? Who is Payton named after and what is he like outside of the gym? You’ll hear his name a lot over the next few years—don’t miss this chance to get to know him.

And, as always, we round up this week's news from the BYU social mediasphere, including highlights from the Irvine FanFest, Coach Rose at the BYU Baseball game, and the latest on Tanexa.

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