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The Big 12 will reportedly discuss expansion again in July

NCAA Football: West Virginia at Texas Christian Ray Carlin-USA TODAY Sports

Big 12 administrators met earlier this month to make some major decisions, but left without making a call on expansion, the concern closest to the heart of BYU fans. But perhaps some actual decisions could come a little sooner than we think.

Per Chuck Carlton of the Dallas Morning News, Big 12 commissioner Bob Bowlsby said the Big 12 has asked for additional data on conference expansion targets, and will look to discuss them again in July:

Since the Big 12 has decided not to start a conference network, the “market size” aspect of potential conference expansion targets seems dramatically less important. It would stand to reason that whatever data the Big 12 would focus on would be tied more to competitiveness and fanbase, rather than potential, an argument that was advanced by other Big 12 and national writers earlier in June.

BYU would seemingly stack up favorably in such discussions, as their football and basketball programs have performed at a consistently higher level than almost every other program brought up as possible candidates, like Cincinnati, Houston and Memphis. But, as fans who have followed this story closely know, there’s always a bit more going on behind the scenes.

Hopefully, this drama is resolved one way or another before the season.