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Cougs on Cougs: What will Freshman Yoeli Childs bring to BYU Basketball?

Hear from Yoeli Childs’ AAU Coach Tim Davis about the freshman’s transition to BYU Basketball.

Photo by Jaren Wilkey/BYU Photo

Welcome to Episode 26 of Cougs on Cougs! It is mid-July, and we know you’re all in the depths of the off-season blues (trust us, so are we). But don’t worry, there is always something BYU to talk about, and this week is no different.

We kick things off with Talk of the Town, where we round up this week’s news from the BYU social mediasphere. Summer means NBA Summer League, and there are a few Cougars in action, including the one and only James Taft Fredette. Playing for the Denver Nuggets, Jimmer has put on quite a show over the past few days, including 26 points in 26 minutes on Saturday night. The Jimmer seems to be back to his old ways with one exception—his hair! We update you on his new look, as well as tell you what Tanner Mangum has been up to and bring you some news that is of particular interest to our fellow BYU fans.

New seasons always bring new faces, and this week we have a New Cougs on the Block segment all about incoming BYU Basketball freshman Yoeli Childs. Exum-Elite Utah Prospects Coach Tim Davis, who coached Yoeli for three years, joins us to answer some of our questions about Yoeli’s transition to BYU Basketball. Coach Davis tells us what role he sees Yoeli playing for BYU, what improvements he has made over the past few seasons, and which NBA players he can compare his game to. We are very much looking forward to seeing Yoeli in a BYU uniform and getting to know him and his game even better.

Finally, as it is summer, we might be a little bored. To fix this, we created a new segment, Cougs and Competitions, and invited a couple friends over to play Watch Your Mouth: BYU Edition. Shout out to Jesi and Randi for being good sports and joining in our embarrassing diversion from the terribly long off-season. (Side note: Our cheeks still hurt.)

Watch the episode, then drink some Butterbeer, play some Pokémon Go, and we’ll see you next week!

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