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Pokemon Go is taking over BYU

Are you into the new Pokemon Go craze? See how it's shaking out on BYU's campus.

A wild Pidgey sits atop The "Y" Bell sign at the Victory Bell
Mary Blanchard

In case you haven't noticed (and if you haven't, what rock are you living under?) Pokemon Go is kind of taking over the world.

The alternate reality game has been extremely successful worldwide and Provo is certainly no exception. Crowds of hundreds have been gathered at the Provo City Library each night the game has been out. There's an influx of people at parks trying to take advantage of 'pokestops (designated areas where players can gather items such aspokeballs, potions, eggs to hatch more Pokemon, etc.)' You may notice groups of people congregated outside of LDS churches or temples, engaged in battles with fellow Pokemon trainers.

And as you can imagine, BYU's campus is also at the center of the action. As soon as you set foot on the campus there are pokestops and gyms galore.

Mary Blanchard

If you're on campus for even just an hour you'll likely catch several pocket monsters.

Everyone is playing. Children, adults... BYU Athletes.

Beloved punter Johnny Linehan has been tweeting quite a bit about the game. "The whole team is [playing]." He tweeted in one exchange. "We are all gonna take our phones out on the field in our hand warmers and play on the sidelines between plays."

Linehan also tweeted his excitement about his church being a pokestop.

BYU Sports Nation has been in on the Pokemon Go fun as well which resulted in running back Jamaal Williams telling the co-hosts Spencer Linton and Jarom Jordan which Pokemon they resemble, and we have to say, we can't disagree. Linton as a Weedle and Jordan as a Zubat. We can totally see it.

If you stop by the Marriott Center you may just catch a wild Pidgey.

Mary Blanchard

If you visit Lavell Edwards Stadium you can engage in battle with other Pokemon trainers (should your Pokemon be strong enough). If not, you can just stock up on pokeballs, potions and other ‘Go’ necessities.

Mary Blanchard
Mary Blanchard

Have you spotted any Pokemon at any particularly funny places on campus? Seen any athletes running around trying to catch them? Send it our way. Pro tip: The HBLL is a hot bed.

Good luck and stay safe out there!

Mary Blanchard