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Countdown to BYU Football with the return of BYU50

Rep the Y in your state and you could win a BYU50 box.

NCAA Football: Utah State at Brigham Young Russ Isabella-USA TODAY Sports

The countdown is on! Fifty days until BYU Football kicks off against Arizona means the return of BYU50. Beginning tomorrow, big, blue boxes with the stretch Y logo will be hidden throughout all 50 states for fans to find and claim as their own. Here’s what you need to know to win:

The Prize

This year’s prize is an authentic, matte black game helmet. These helmets will not be for sale anywhere—the only way to own one is to win it. Runners up will receive a game day “Reppin the Y” t-shirt.

This year's #BYU50 prize is ... an authentic matte black game helmet!!

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Drop Locations

In the 50 days leading up to kickoff, there will be at least one box dropped in each state, including Hawaii and Alaska. The promotion begins Thursday, July 15 in Alabama and ends September 3 in Arizona. A full schedule can be seen here:

Some states will have drops in multiple cities, and more than 100 boxes total will be given away (with Utah having the most). Boxes are typically dropped near iconic landmarks. You can see if a box will be dropped near you by checking this helpful map. Last year, boxes were also dropped in American Samoa and Costa Rica, so there could be a surprise location or two!

How to Win

The first person to find the box wins—and it’s usually a tight race. In the past, fans have missed out on winning a box by mere seconds. However, in keeping with this year’s theme, you must be “Reppin the Y” to win. You have the schedule—make sure you put on your favorite Y gear that day just in case!

One exception for Utah: Some boxes may be first come, first serve, but some will require that you compete in a challenge to win. And the challenges won’t be easy. You might have to race up the mountain to the “Y”, eat a whole plate of swachos from Bam Bam’s BBQ, kick a field goal, or drink a jar of pickle juice. Whatever it is, do it. It’ll be worth it. Even if you break your arm in the process.

If you miss out on a box, you still have one last chance to win. Post a picture of yourself on social media wearing your BYU gear with #RepTheY. One final BYU50 box will be given away to a lucky fan who posted a picture during the 50-day campaign.

When Boxes Will Drop

During the week, boxes will drop at the end of the work day, after 5 pm. Saturdays could be at any time. BYU Athletics will send out the box locations and drop times on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and Snapchat. You can also follow and join in the fun with the official hashtag, #BYU50. Our recommendation? Turn on Twitter notifications the day a box drops in your state.

Who Will Drop Boxes

Boxes will be dropped by members of the BYU Athletics department and their volunteers in each state. But you never know who you could meet! Last year boxes were dropped by Heisman Trophy winner Ty Detmer (can you believe he’s our OC now?), BYU wide receiver great Margin Hooks, and former head coach Bronco Mendenhall.

The success of the BYU50 campaign over the past few years is unparalleled—no other college football program could pull it off. It’s the perfect way to generate excitement and support for the team while uniting a nationwide fan base.

Even if you don’t win, think of is as a chance to meet and make friends with other BYU fans in your area. Complement each others gear. Debate Tanner v. Taysom. Speculate about Coach Detmer’s first play call. Plan a BYU Football watch party. Most of all, Rep the Y wherever you live, and know you are not alone. Cougar Nation is Loyal, Strong and True, and BYU50 is proof.

Now let’s #BeatArizona—only 50 days to go!