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Bob Bowlsby reportedly will advise the Big 12 board to expand on Tuesday’s meetings

NCAA Football: Big 12 Media Day Kevin Jairaj-USA TODAY Sports

Just when you thought you would not see another article on potential expansion until Tuesday’s meeting, the Big 12 commissioner comes out today as officially in favor of expansion. Ian Fitzsimmons of ESPN is reporting that Bowlsby will advise the board to expand and have two divisions.

We never thought Bob Bowlsby would be an impediment and he has certainly alluded to favoring expansion in the past but this news is certainly good for BYU and other potential additions to the conference.

Last week, Matt Brown wrote a preview of everything regarding Tuesday’s meetings, and even with Bowlsby telling another media member that he supports expansion, there is no reason to believe that Texas has suddenly changed their mind, or that other more skeptical administrators have fallen in line.

What is uncertain is the influence that Texas will have on other current Big 12 teams’ decisions. Oklahoma is heavily in favor of expansion, even though their athletic director reportedly threw some water on that fire earlier this month.

The Big 12 has paid countless consultants significant sums of money and common sense would tell you that a decision should come sooner rather than later. Will the conference decide to expand in the immediate future? Will they revisit expansion in the future, perhaps after tweaks to their TV contract? Will they decide to punt once again?

Hopefully, we’re get additional clarity tomorrow.