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Cougs on Cougs: 5 things we learned (and 5 we didn’t) at BYU Football Media Day

NCAA Football: Houston at Brigham Young
Taysom Hill and Jamaal Williams are both 100% healthy and ready to go for the 2016 season.
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Episode 25 of Cougs on Cougs is all about BYU Football Media Day, and Vanquish the Foe Editor Sam Hiatt joins us as a guest co-host to recap the highlights. We start out with a special Talk of the Town segment in which we bring you some of the not-so-serious moments of Media Day. Hear our takes on the polarizing polos worn by the coaches and players (good idea, poor execution), discuss the custom shoe that Nike is developing for Taysom Hill, and show you our favorite snapchats from the event (spoiler: Tanner is back on his model game).

On a more serious note, Media Day did teach us a few things that we didn’t already know (at least not for sure). Watch the episode to hear us break down these five things we learned about BYU Football ahead of the 2016 season:

1. Taysom Hill is 100% right now and will be good to go for Fall Camp in August.

2. Defense is officially switching to a 4-3 front.

3. Several games will be featured on ESPN, but they’ll be late ones.

4. Injury updates on Kai Nacua, Kyle Johnson, Bryan Sampson, and Travis Tuiloma.

5. Coach Sitake trusts his staff, including his defensive coordinator.

Unfortunately not all of our questions were asked at Media Day, and there are still some things we are left speculating about. In addition to the things we learned, we discuss five things we still do not know, including a potential position change for Tejan Koroma and the injury rumors surrounding one of BYU’s best wide receivers. Looks like we’ll simply have to wait until Fall Camp to see who plays and where!

If you ask us, some of the best news out of Media Day is that Taysom will be at full strength as he contends with Tanner for the starting spot. No doubt some healthy competition will bring out the best in both of them (as Tanner vocalizes in our Notable Quotable)!

Finally, we round up this week’s news from the BYU social mediasphere in our Talk of the Town segment, including a landing spot for BYU Basketball transfer Jordan Chatman, a visit to the BYU Football offices for the Prince of Tonga, and the head coach of the Cougars—the Washington State Cougars, that is—spotted at the Cannon Center on campus.

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