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Cougs on Cougs: Tight Ends Coach Steve Clark’s path to BYU Football

Jess and Mary put the coaching spotlight on Steve Clark, and catch up with one of their favorite Cougar fans.

steve clark

It’s week 32 of Cougs on Cougs, and the BYU Football season is a mere 11 days away! Seems hard to believe, but the eight-month long offseason is just about over. In another Cougs and Coaches segment, we spotlight new tight ends coach Steve Clark!

We take you through his coaching journey, which includes in-state stops at Provo High School, Utah, Southern Utah University, and Weber State, plus how he finally ended up at BYU — Spoiler Alert: Ed Lamb played a big part. Coach Clark may not be the biggest guy on the field (he’s 5’3’’), but he might have the biggest heart.

It might surprise you to hear who he credits with the success of his coaching career! We can’t wait to see how his tight ends fair in this new offense.

We invited one of BYU’s most loyal, passionate fans, Pat Hammond, to share about her unique way of counting down to kick-off against Arizona. One of Pat’s favorite things is taking photos with BYU players (checkout her Twitter hashtag, #PlayersWithPat).

Starting with number 99, Pat has been sharing photos of her with current and former players with jersey numbers that correlate with the days left until the football season.

You can follow along with her hashtag, #PatPreparesforPhoenix (you know we love that alliteration)!

Finally, we round up this week’s news from the BYU social mediasphere in our Talk of the Town segment, including a team-bonding campout for the BYU Football team, outstanding finishes for a couple of former Cougars in the Rio Olympics, a new and exciting BYU Hoops commit, and details on a new radio show for fans called Coordinators Corner!

Don’t worry — we’ll talk about Taysom being named the starter on next week’s show (of course that came out as we were uploading), and get you all sorts of ready for the Cactus Kickoff!

Bonus: Here’s that video Mary was going on about, of the team singing the fight song. If it doesn’t get you a little more pumped for football season, check your pulse.

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