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CougarCast: 2016 BYU Football Defense (and Special Teams) preview


Kelley L Cox-USA TODAY Sports

New BYU Football defensive coordinator Ilaisa Tuiaki begins to fill in the shoes of Bronco Mendenhall. Mendenhall caused disagreements among Cougar fans on every front except one — Bronco knew his stuff on the defensive side of the ball.

Tuiaki has already made a big change from the Bronco era. The Cougars are now playing a 4-3 defensive scheme. Will BYU keep points off the board in 2016?

PLUS, if you are a subscriber to the podcast you would get a bonus podcast this week. I had the pleasure of discussing the announcement of Taysom Hill as the starting quarterback with my Dad. Subscribe now and check that out!

In this episode of CougarCast:

  • How do you replace a defensive genius? (2:30)
  • What a 4-3 defense will give the Cougars? (4:10)
  • Which defensive group makes Tosh the most confident? The defensive backs. (6:15)
  • The different job BYU is asking its cornerbacks to do this season. (9:45)
  • Will the new defensive scheme generate turnovers and big plays? (13:00)
  • The linebackers are solid, but are unproven -- outside of Fred Warner. (14:30)
  • The defensive line is critical -- as is getting Travis Tuiloma healthy again! (17:30)
  • The treachery of playing without confidence in your kicking game. (23:00)
  • Punt and kick returners will be guys that actually should be returning kicks and punts! (27:50)
  • The return of practicing tackling! (29:45)

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