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BYU Football releases 2016 Week 1 depth chart

Boise State v BYU Photo by Gene Sweeney Jr/Getty Images

The preseason is over and with the release of the depth chart today, so are position group battles. Many questions are answered and some may come as a surprise for BYU fans. The biggest question of the offseason was who the quarterback would be and we got that answer from Ty Detmer late last week.

All the coaches have put in countless hours working and preparing this offseason to ultimately determine who the 11 guys on both sides of the ball and special teams that they feel the most comfortable starting are.

Players have given their all to try and start or make the two deep. Fans now get to see who made the cut, similar to kids running to the bulletin board in junior high to see if they made the team.


Position Number Name Class
QB 7 Taysom Hill Sr
12 Tanner Mangum So
RB 21 Jamaal Williams Sr
22 Squally Canada So
FB 24 Algernon Brown Sr
35 Brayden El-Bakri So
WR 5 Nick Kurtz Sr
-or- 3 Colby Pearson Sr
-or- 87 Mitchell Juergens Sr
WR 1 Moroni Laulu-Pututau So
-or- 84 Jonah Trinnaman Jr
TE 89 Tanner Balderree So
-or- 96 Hunter Marshall So
LT 79 Andrew Eide Sr
65 JJ Nwigwe So
LG 76 Kenyan Norman Jr
70 Jacob Jimenez So
C 56 Tejan Koroma Jr
55 Quin Ficklin Jr
RG 54 Parker Dawe Sr
78 Tuni Kanuch Jr
RT 73 Ului Lapuaho Jr
71 Austin Hoyt So
-or- 59 Thomas Shoaf Fr


Position Number Name Class
E 49 Moses Kaumatule So
-or- 90 Corbin Kaufusi So
N 91 Travis Tuiloma Sr
48 Tomasi Laulile Jr
-or- 50 Tevita Mo'Unga So
E 62 Logan Taele Sr
-or- 92 Handsome Tanielu Jr
ST 21 Harvey Langi Sr
-or- 31 Sae Tautu Sr
FLB 4 Fred Warner Jr
37 Grant Jones Jr
-or- 27 Morgan Unga So
MLB 38 Butch Pau'u So
42 Austin Heder Sr
-or- 22 Phillip Amone So
BLB 13 Francis Bernard So
43 Johnny Tapusoa Fr
-or- 30 Kavika Fonua So
LC 11 Troy Warner Fr
-or- 2 Akile Davis So
FS 12 Kai Nacua Sr
-or- 33 Eric Takenaka Sr
2 Matt Hadley Jr
SS 7 Micah Hannemann Jr
-or- 33 Eric Takenaka Sr
36 Wayne Anderson So
-or- 25 Tanner Jacobson So
RC 15 Michael Davis Sr
27 Austin McChesney Fr

Special Teams

Position Number Name Class
KO 28 Corey Edwards So
29 Andrew Mikkelsen So
PK 26 Rhett Almond So
34 James Baird Fr
P 31 Jonny Linehan Sr
26 Rhett Almond So
H 87 Mitchell Juergens Sr
31 Jonny Linehan Sr
DS 64 Matt Foley Jr
36 Mitch Harris Fr
PR 87 Mitchell Juergens Sr
-or- 23 Garrett Juergens Sr
-or- 7 Micah Hannemann Jr
KR 6 Trey Dye Jr
-or- 84 Jonah Trinnamann Jr
-or- 2 Matt Hadley Jr
-or- 88 Aleva Hifo Fr

Names on the list worth noting

Aside from quarterback, the position that got the most attention was the starting cornerback opposite of Michael Davis. Well, we got the answer Monday morning during Kalani Sitake’s press conference.

Troy Warner was a big pickup for BYU when he switched his commitment from Oregon to the Cougars. Many thought Akile Davis would grab the starting spot, but for now it belongs to the talented freshman.

The backup for the other corner spot is also intriguing as freshman Austin McChesney made the two-deep backing up Michael Davis. Many assumed that Dayan Lake, the redshirt freshman four-star prospect wold grab that second spot.

Both Southern Utah University transfers, Andrew Eide and Keyan Norman earned starting jobs on the o-line. Offensive line has been a concern for BYU this offseason and perhaps the coaching staff’s efforts to grab a few more from other colleges will pay off.

Parker Dawe beating out Tuni Kanuch should also surprise some people. Tuni started seven games last year and Parker only started two. Past performance really doesn’t matter in the game of football though and it seems that Parker Dawe can offer BYU more now according to the coaching staff.

Algernon Brown saw significant time at running back last season and he has officially been moved to fullback. This makes sense given Jamaal’s health and Squally Canada’s reportedly great offseason that they would be the two running backs. BYU fans should expect to see all three of these guys get a decent amount of carries.

As far as special teams go, it looks like Trey Dye will be returning kicks and Mitchell Juergens will return punts. Sitake announced also that Aleva Hifo, Matt Hadley, Jonah Trinnaman, and Garrett Juergens will be involved in the return game.

Names not on the list worth noting

Sione TakiTaki and Brad Wilcox are not listed on the depth chart as questions about their future with BYU continue to loom. Ben Criddle reported this during Kalani’s press conference Monday morning.

With the release of the week one depth chart, the football season is finally here, get ready.