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If James The Mormon’s BYU football hype video doesn’t get you fired up, not sure what will

James The Mormon has released “Tellin You Y” featuring the Cougarettes and many BYU greats.

Last year, James Curran took the college football world by storm with his song “Dreamin” shortly after Tanner Mangum’s hail mary against Nebraska and the game winning touchdown pass against Boise State.

This year, he is back with an epic music video that any BYU fan should enjoy: A banger called “Tellin’ You Y.”

The majority takes place inside LaVell Edwards Stadium. This video has it all, from great dancing, raging fans and features some BYU greats (Ainge and Detmer, anyone?).

The Cougarettes are absolutely amazing in this video, if you ask me. The fans and cheerleaders surrounding them help, but the Cougarettes kill it dancing (as always).

Seriously though, the Cougarettes are coming off their 16th national title and don’t get enough credit for how good they are.

Ty Detmer’s stone cold face next to his Heisman trophy is a great moment. Austin Collie with his kids and a “Magic Happens” t-shirt on is fantastic as well. Chad Lewis and Tom Holmoe with their four super bowl rings combined also make an appearance. Current NFL players, Kyle Van Noy and Ziggy Ansah are hidden but they’re there.

Oh yeah, and then there’s this guy:

Are you kidding me!? Danny Ainge is alongside two of his current players, Isaiah Thomas and Gerald Green. Look, if you can incorporate Danny Ainge into a rap video, you deserve to be number one on iTunes, no questions asked.

Even, the “Power of the Wasatch,” the Cougar Marching band, is also in the video, not sure there’s more that you could ask for. Check it out:

With flashy cars, dancing and rap music, JamesTheMormon is tellin’ you Y you should be pumped for the home opener this Saturday.