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3 recruiting prospects mistakenly refer to BYU as “Birmingham Young University”


UCLA v BYU Photo by Gene Sweeney Jr./Getty Images

BYU Football extended three scholarship offers today, one for the 2017 class, one for the 2018 class, and one for the 2019 class. All three players are students at Imhotep Institute Charter High School in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

Justin Johnson is a 6’7” 340-pound offensive lineman. Mike Crawford plays cornerback and safety and is 6’0” and 185-pounds. Omar Spieghts is a 6’2” 228-pound defensive end. Here’s hoping they all come.

Being from Philly, these thre young men showed aren’t as familiar with BYU when they tweeted out that they have a scholarship offer:

I love it. Birmingham Young University.

Birmingham Young University in the house!

Birmingham Young University for the 3-peat!

To Justin, Mike, and Omar, you can call us whatever you want as long as you call us home! Cougar Nation would be excited you welcome new members to the family from Philadelphia.

By the way, it is Brigham Young University.