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Cougs on Cougs: ‘The Perfect Fan’ with Nicolle Thompson-Williams (Jamaal’s mom)

Jess and Mary chatted with Nicolle to learn all sorts of stuff you probably didn’t know about our star RB Jamaal.

Jamaal with his mom Nicolle and sister Jaela
Photo: Nicolle Thompson-Williams

Jess and Mary sat down with one of Cougar Nation’s favorite football moms, Nicolle Thompson-Williams, mother of running back Jamaal Williams.

The interview is one of their ‘Perfect Fan’ segments where they talk with athletes’ moms to get the inside scoop, their perspective and learn some things about the boys that fans would otherwise not know.

Jess and Mary talk with Nicolle about how she made her decision to be a college athlete at UCLA, and what role she played in Jamaal’s choice to come to BYU.

We ask Nicolle about the extremely close relationship that she and Jamaal have. Nicolle shared one of their family mottos — ‘Loyalty is everything.’ Did you know that the Williams family even has matching tattoos of a symbol signifying loyalty?

Nicolle talks about her love for Taysom, and a lot of the boys on the team, how badly she wants to see Jamaal break BYU’s all-time rushing record, and more.

Jess and Mary also ask her to share a funny story from Jamaal’s childhood, and she delivers. It involves Jamaal punching his fist through a window when he was 7-years-old — thanks to a video game. Apparently Jamaal is still a video-game junkie to this day. If he has his toothbrush while he’s traveling, he probably has his Xbox too, his mom says.

Get the inside scoop on all this plus more in the interview above.

If you know a player’s mom or wife that would be interested in talking with Jess and Mary, contact them.

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