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Cougs on Cougs: Bad Hair Power Rankings for BYU Basketball

Jess and Mary discuss what went wrong and what went right for BYU Basketball against Saint Mary’s, then venture into less meaningful territory: hair.

NCAA Basketball: Pacific at Brigham Young Chris Nicoll-USA TODAY Sports

After an 81-68 loss to top 25-ranked Saint Mary’s and an impressive 91-62 win over Pacific for BYU Basketball, Cougars on Cougars is back with episode 51 and plenty to talk about.

Jess and Mary start out with some Tweets from last night before jumping into Coaching from the Couch to determine what went right and what went wrong against the Gaels. Jess has the same ‘what went wrong’ for the second week in a row... Is hero ball plaguing the Cougs? At the end of the day, BYU shot pretty well, but Saint Mary’s just shot better. We’ll get ‘em at home!

After Couch Coaching, it’s time for the ladies to try their hand at something you’ve seen a lot of on Vanquish the Foe — Power Rankings. Jess and Mary limit their scope to hair; one of their favorite things to talk about. In the Dave Rose era, who has had the worst hair? And though a lot of it is bad, not all of it is. Which five players have the best hair? We’ve got King Collinsworth coming in at the top of both lists. Go figure. Tweet us anyone we left out!

5. Matt Carlino’s ‘07 Britney shaved head

4. Nick Emery’s random hotel-barber Vegas cut

3. Payton Dastrup’s ‘Rugrats’ hair

2. Corbin Kaufusi’s space helmet/Avatar look

1. Kyle Collinsworth’s mullet/rat tail

This week’s episode ends with a look around BYU’s social mediasphere. BYU Football OT Thomas Shoaf was named an All-American, while another player was stranded on the SAB elevator (Tower of Terror, anyone)? Nick Emery talked bigger than he played, Jimmer broke one of Yao Ming’s records, TJ Haws made a fashion choice we HAD to discuss plus much more in this week’s Talk of the Town.

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