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Jimmer Fredette’s not quitting basketball, despite Sunday morning Twitter debacle

Jimmer’s career for the Shanghai Sharks is going swimmingly, and not coming to a close. And we’re pretty sure he’s not gay, either.

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“I will quit Basketball, because of my bf, and yes i’m gay.” That’s what was tweeted from former BYU and current Chinese Basketball Association star Jimmer Fredette’s Twitter account Sunday morning.

It was pretty immediately clear that Jimmer’s account had been hacked. The first tweet in the series of four sent out said, “I’m sorry fans, i have a bad news :(“

We don’t have to point out the glaring grammatical error right? “A bad news?” While Jimmer isn’t known as the most exciting Tweeter, his grammar is usually pretty solid.

After the aforementioned tweets, two more were sent out saying the account had “not been hacked,” and Jimmer would “talk about that in video soon.”

Meanwhile, Jimmer and his wife Whitney were surely being flooded with texts, calls and tweets from concerned friends, family and fans. Amidst the shocking “quitting basketball” announcement Whitney tweeted this out:

Shortly after, the tweets were deleted (but not before screenshots and commentary were all over Twitter) and Jimmer was seemingly back in charge of his own account, having this to say:

Side note here-- if we weren’t already 100 percent sure that Jimmer was being hacked, the culprit failed to turn off their location and was seen by many as tweeting from Bavaria, Germany. (We’re pretty sure Jimmer is in China). The whole (less than 30 minute) thing was pretty ridiculous. And we don’t even feel that bad laughing about it, because Whitney can admit that it’s pretty funny, too.

Boring Jimmer?

Not this weekend!