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Cougs on Cougs: Gonzaga’s coming to town — What BYU Basketball fans need to know

Our friend Carson Crosby is in for Jess this week and he and Mary conduct a can’t-miss interview with Peter Woodburn from Slipper Still Fits. Does BYU stand a chance against the Zags?

NCAA Basketball: West Coast Conference Tournament-Gonzaga vs BYU Kyle Terada-USA TODAY Sports

Episode 54 of Cougars on Cougars is hot off the press featuring substitute co-host Carson Crosby. Jess called in sick and our favorite BYU Student, ROC vice president, and Utah troll was gracious enough to fill in! Thanks, Carson.

It’s a big week for BYU Basketball with no. 1 Gonzaga rolling into town. We start out the show by taking a look back. What went wrong and what went right last week, between the Cougars’ 76-68 loss to Santa Clara and 85-77 win over Loyola Marymount? The most inevitable thing to be discussed is turnovers. BYU is averaging 21 over the past two games. That obviously has to be cleaned up for the Cougs to stand a chance against the Bulldogs Thursday.

Speaking of the Bulldogs, it’s time to get up close and personal with them. You know they’re undefeated, but do you know the who, what, when, where, why and how of it all? Peter Woodburn from SB Nation’s Slipper Still Fits Skyped in to tell us what we need to know about the best team in the country. This interview is jam-packed with gems and gives great insight into why Gonzaga is so darn good.

“This is really the first time that the Zags have had both the combo of the athleticism to go with the depth on the bench,” Peter said. And their 22-0 record goes to show it. We talk strengths, weaknesses, match-ups, rankings and more with Peter. Check out our Q&A with him, here. (Our end of the Q&A at this link)

Then it’s time for Talk of the Town, which is kind of football heavy this week despite it being the offseason! National Signing Day is coming up Wednesday. Which of the nation’s recruits have the best names? Of course some BYU recruits made Campus Rush’s cut.

BYU recruit Chaz Ah You made it into the ‘Smooth jamz division’ of Sports Illustrated’s National Signing Day All-Name Team

Also offseason fodder? BYU Football helmets. Do you have a favorite or least favorite that debuted on Twitter this week? Plus, Tanner Mangum Modeling Co. is back, a Taysom sighting at Costco, another BYU power couple to add to our list and much more.

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